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Ensuring accessibility for all, Colorado Concrete Solutions is dedicated to providing ADA compliance solutions for both commercial and residential properties. From ramp construction to signage installation, we’re committed to enhancing accessibility and safety for individuals with disabilities all over the Denver area.

What is the ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates certain standards for construction and design to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Meeting ADA compliance requires specific criteria, such as slip-resistant and stable concrete paving. This significantly reduces hazards for individuals using mobility aids like canes or crutches, ensuring a safe and accessible environment.

Colorado Concrete Solutions: Constructing ADA-Compliant Properties

We pride ourselves on our expertise in constructing ADA-compliant pavement. With a legacy of superior paving projects on residential and commercial properties, our expert employees take care that every accessibility project we complete not only meets but exceeds paving industry standards.

Our Accessibility Paving Services

  • Ramps: Providing concrete installation with gradual slopes and railings for wheelchair access.
  • Sidewalks and Pathways: Ensuring even surfaces and appropriate widths for mobility devices.
  • Parking Spaces: Designate accessible spaces with appropriate dimensions and van-access aisles.
  • Entrances: Installing accessible entrances with appropriate door widths and handles.

Why Colorado Property Owners Need to Know About the ADA

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act is crucial for Colorado property owners seeking to create inclusive environments and comply with legal requirements. By adhering to ADA standards, commercial property owners avoid lawsuits and both federal and municipal fines. For residential property owners, accessible pavement helps build a more accommodating community for individuals with diverse mobility needs.

Enhance Accessibility Today with Property Assessments, Parking Lot Paving, Ramps, and More!

Colorado Concrete Solutions stands ready to assist Denver area property owners in achieving ADA compliance swiftly and effectively. Ensure your property is accessible to everyone by partnering with our experienced paving team.

Contact us today! Let’s work together to create spaces that are welcoming and accessible to all.

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