Commercial Concrete Flatwork Finishes Parker, CO Property

At Colorado Concrete Solutions (CCS), we’re proud to help local businesses and municipalities with their concrete flatwork needs. We’re so proud of our work in Parker, CO, that we’re showcasing the Parker Water & Sanitation District (PWSD) new Operations, Maintenance, and Administrative building project today! Working with other local construction contractors and property management, we helped bring this commercial property into full compliance with all ADA requirements, pave walkways, parking lots, and more. This Parker Water project showcases what our team can do!

Two-Year Concrete Flatwork Project Success in Parker, Colorado

concrete flatwork

The CCS commercial paving team has decades of experience with these sorts of commercial paving projects, so we coordinated with other construction contractors and completed our flatwork at the PWSD Operations, Maintenance, and Administrative building. At the same time, other work was also being performed. This was such a large undertaking that paving was completed over several years. First, in 2022, our team installed curbs and gutters and performed concrete lifting of the asphalt parking lot so construction vehicles could access the site.

In 2023, we began the remaining concrete flatwork. But wait, what is flatwork? This term means any kind of flat surface paving, like sidewalks and foundations. On the Parker, CO property, our team installed ADA ramps, curb and gutter, ADA-compliant sidewalks and parking stalls, walking trails, valley pans, loading dock pavement, and landscape curb heads throughout the property. These structures contribute to a beautiful, safe commercial property where visitors can drive, walk, and use mobility aids without fear of accidents. Structures like valley pans help water drain properly to decrease flooding and protect the pavement from water damage. Landscape curbs protect vegetation from drivers and keep the property looking sharp. 

concrete flatwork

Do you need to finish a large commercial property with curbing and other finishing touches? Contact Colorado Concrete Solutions for professional paving and installation!

Our experience shined through in this Parker, CO, Water concrete flatwork project. We could install a wide variety of structures to enhance the PWSD property, and our professional paving contractors worked closely with other service providers to ensure that everything went smoothly, even after over two years of work!

If you need this level of service on your next commercial flatwork project, contact Colorado Concrete Solutions!

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