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At Colorado Concrete Solutions, innovation is at the core of our practices. To bring the highest quality installations to our neighbors and friends in the Denver, CO, area, our paving contractors use cutting-edge materials on concrete paving jobs that require extra stability and strength, like slabs, parking lots, and foundations. This blog highlights the game-changing 3MAX Composite Rebar by MST BAR, a material redefining the paving landscape with fiberglass reinforcement.

Primarily engineered for concrete flatwork, it seamlessly replaces conventional steel reinforcement. Its adaptability extends to various applications, including but not limited to:

Revolutionizing Concrete: Unveiling 3MAX Fiberglass Rebar

Property owners might not have heard of fiberglass rebar, but this innovative construction material has been around for 40+ years! Crafted as a revolutionary alternative to traditional steel supports, it is a high-strength composite reinforcing bar meticulously engineered for concrete flatwork. Its innovative composition is a beacon, surpassing traditional #3 and #4 grade 40 rebar.

Ingenious Composition of 3MAX Fiberglass Rebar

A strategic blend of materials lies at the core of this reinforcement, ensuring unparalleled durability. Code-compliant vinyl ester resin forms the foundation, offering structural integrity and adherence to industry standards. Complementing this, corrosion-proof ECR (Electronically Conductive Resistant) glass fibers are intricately woven into the matrix, shielding against the detrimental effects of corrosion and environmental factors.

The manufacturing process of 3MAX Fiberglass Rebar is a testament to precision and technological advancement. The combination of vinyl ester resin and ECR glass fibers undergoes a meticulous fabrication process, ensuring each bar meets the highest quality standards. The result is a composite rebar that exceeds strength expectations and showcases consistency and reliability.


When our paving experts discovered the benefits of this new rebar, we were eager to pass them along to our clients! Here’s what to expect from these bars.

  • 2-3 times stronger and 100% rust free
  • 75% lighter, making it easier to transport
  • Save time with labor with faster placement
  • Installs like steel, tie and set
  • It looks like steel but performs better
  • Lower cost, stable pricing

Safety Measures We Take
While this new rebar is an ASTM D7957 Certified Building Material, the word “fiberglass” can worry some property owners. Our paving contractors are trained to use it and follow safe handling protocols like wearing gloves and cutting special blades. With our conscientious, skilled team, you never have to worry about safety on your paving project!

The high-strength nature of the 3MAX Fiberglass Rebar makes it an ideal choice for projects where durability and longevity are paramount. Whether it’s enhancing a residential driveway’s structural integrity or fortifying an industrial facility’s foundation, this innovative composite rebar proves to be a game-changer in construction materials.

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We also provide a version of this material specifically for projects like foundations, columns, stairs, and other load-bearing structures! Check out our blog post about this structural fiberglass rebar.

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